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Introducing Duo Passport

Empower your workforce with a secure and seamless login experience while minimizing authentication interruptions.

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A person logging in with a mobile device and receiving a Duo notification to approve or deny their login.

Duo Passport benefits

To implement a truly secure and seamless user sign-in experience and lower the administrative burden for IT, you need to enforce user authentication, device verification, and risk-based policies in a manner that does not frustrate the user. Duo Passport does just that. This allows organizations to easily implement granular access controls for the workforce while minimizing authentication fatigue and friction.

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Strengthen identity security posture

Duo Passport enables organizations to reduce security gaps through wide coverage of strong authentication and risk-based access controls.  Together with Cisco Identity Intelligence, Duo helps organizations strengthen their posture and achieve continuous identity security.

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Reduce total cost of ownership

Passport brings together Duo’s best-in-class tools including Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Passwordless, Single Sign-On (SSO), Risk-based Authentication (RBA), and device trust capabilities, helping consolidate identity security and lower the upfront cost of ownership. On top of that, Duo’s comprehensive self-service capabilities reduce helpdesk tickets and unburden IT teams.

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Improve workforce productivity

Fewer interruptions after authenticating enable your workforce to be more focused and productive. This frictionless experience eliminates user resistance to MFA, making it easier for IT teams to get executive buy-in and adopt MFA across the organization. The result? Improved security and heightened productivity, making Duo Passport a win-win for your organization.

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A true single sign-on experience across any authorized device

With Duo Passport, one authentication is all you’ll need for each workday. Users perform one strong MFA or passwordless authentication when signing into an authorized device, whether on or off the network. From there, Duo continues to enforce application-specific policies, making the authentication process invisible.

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Duo Passport in action

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Combine strong user authentication and device verification

Duo verifies the user’s identity and whether the device is trusted (corporate-managed or registered with Duo) on each login. Once the login is successful, Duo continually evaluates trust for every access request based on adaptive and risk-based policies and doesn’t prompt users again for authentication when the context remains the same.

Eliminate authentication interruptions when accessing applications

No more repeated authentication prompts, whether you’re accessing client applications (e.g.: Outlook for email or VPN for remote access) or web-based applications like Salesforce or Workday, and across different browsers. Simply log in once, and you’re set.

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Maintain strong security and compliance

Easily meet compliance mandates such as PCI-DSS or HIPAA through organization-wide coverage for MFA and granular access controls.

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Built with security in mind

Duo Passport is built on modern and secure methods and utilizes device-bound private keys that are stored in hardware-based chips called trusted platform modules (TPMs), ensuring strong security.

Trust Radius Top Rated award 2023 and Trust Radius Best Of award 2023 badges

Thanks for putting your trust in Duo

Cisco Duo has received glowing reviews on TrustRadius from our customers. These reviews contributed to us achieving the TrustRadius Top Rated 2023 award in categories such as Authentication, Cloud Computing Security, and Single Sign-On (SSO). Additionally, we won the Best of 2023 award in Authentication for having the best Feature Set, Value, and Relationship with our customers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Duo Passport?

Duo Passport is a cloud-based software security tool that increases an organizations security by reducing gaps with strong authentication and risk-based controls.

How does Duo Passport work?

Duo Passport uses Duo Desktop installed and running on the user's computer to share the distinct Duo session information between browsers used to access applications, desktop clients, and Duo for Windows Logon. If a user logs into a web application from a browser and opts to remember their access device during Duo 2FA, that trust session is accessible to the user's desktop applications as well. A desktop client application that accesses web services protected by Duo can verify the trusted device session established by the browser and skip repeated authentication.

How can Duo Passport help me & my organization?

Duo Passport provides continuous security working in the background with minimal interruptions. It reduces security gaps. It reduces burdens on IT by working in the background verifying identity without requiring excessive user authentication.

How does Duo Passport streamline authentication, reducing login steps?

Passport reduces repeated demands for authentication while working on multiple applications. Log in once and operate securely while you work.

How does Duo Passport enhance your Single Sign-On (SSO) experience?

When Duo Passport, Duo Desktop, and Duo Authentication for Windows Logon come together, users can access Duo Single Sign-On applications without entering their usernames or passwords.

How is Duo Desktop and remembered devices handled on Duo Passport?

When you apply a policy which enables remembered devices for all browser applications, and install Duo Desktop on your Windows and macOS clients, remembered device sessions established during successful Duo two-factor authentication are shared between browsers accessing Duo-protected apps and desktop client applications accessing Duo-protected applications. The Duo-protected applications can be 2FA-only apps, or Duo Single Sign-On apps.

Does passwordless authentication work with Duo Passport?

Yes. SSO applications with Duo Passwordless enabled can also take advantage of Passport. When a user starts their day by performing Duo Passwordless login to a Duo SSO application and chooses to create a remembered device session during that initial authentication additional apps accessed from the browser as well as with desktop applications share that session and users do not need to authenticate again for the remainder of the remembered device session.

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