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Why Duo?

Cyber attackers are an annoyingly persistent bunch, and in response, MFA providers have designed increasingly difficult-to-breach security solutions. The only problem? These complex systems can make life equally difficult for your own team to navigate, especially in the age of remote work.

With Duo, there’s no compromise. You get ironclad security that protects your organization from bad actors — and your team gets a fast, easy, flexible user experience that helps hybrid teams work anywhere, on any device.

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4 reasons to choose Duo

Cisco Duo provides the best of both worlds: a multi-factor authentication solution that is strong and easy-to use.

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Next level MFA

Counter the new wave of cyber threats with phishing-resistant MFA measures that rewrite the playbook on how to verify users.

Discover Duo's MFA

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Protection and productivity

Protect your environment while empowering your workforce to operate from anywhere and on any device.

Explore Risk-Based Authentication

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Complete coverage

Eliminate the gaps in your perimeter like no other solution can, with easy-to-use integrations that bring all applications and operations under one secure roof.

Learn about Duo's app integration

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Speed to security

Launch new protections quickly and smoothly, without burning through your IT team or their budget. Put enrollment and remediation in the hands of your users so your security experts are free to monitor the big picture.

Learn about user friendly MFA

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An MFA solution that fits your organization

Cisco Duo works non-stop to understand and stay ahead of the cyberthreat landscape. At the same time, we work hand-in-hand with leaders across industry and the public sector to understand the challenges they face from a business perspective, so the solutions we build make sense in your day-to-day context.

Learn how Duo is right-sized for you:

Don’t sell your security short

Other MFA platforms talk about ease-of-use and building great customer experiences but fall flat when facing complex situations. Duo has evolved with the hybrid enterprise in mind, knowing that you need strong security at every point of your perimeter.

Competitor Solutions


Fast Development

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Complicated application protection and policy that have specific technical limits

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Flexible application protection and policy that works with what you have

Frictionless for Users

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Limit user productivity and increase IT burden with friction-based access; lack self-service and remediation

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Boost user productivity and reduce IT burden with frictionless access, self-service, and remediation

Total Cost of Ownership

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Disjointed pricing that’s complicated to predict and understand

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Simple pricing you can rely on and understand

Gapless Security Coverage

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Gaps in app and device coverage that affect overall security strategy

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Deploy protection to virtually any application or device in a single solution

Seamless Zero Trust

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Complicated to deploy zero trust policy and technical requirements

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Seamlessly start zero trust journey with adaptive and flexible zero trust policy

Managed & BYO Device Support

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Limited support for BYO devices and specific technical requirements for managed devices

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All-encompassing support for virtually any device, whether managed or unmanaged, worker or contractor

Frictionless for Admins

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Limit admin productivity and increase IT burden with complicated policy, reports, and logging

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Boost admin productivity and reduce IT burden with easy to deploy policy, reports, and logging

Support Experience

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Constraining, time-consuming support experience

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Knowledgeable support team that enables success

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