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Duo End of Sale, Last Date of Support, and End of Life Policy

Last Updated: June 25th, 2020



Duo Security follows Cisco's End-of-Life Policy, except as follows:

  • Generally, Duo will provide 90-days notice of the affected product or feature.
  • Duo will provide security updates for a product or feature for one year after the End of Sale date unless it becomes End of Life. These fixes may be in the form of a new software release.
  • Duo Technical Support will not be available once the product or feature has reached Last Date of Support or End of Life.
  • Security updates will not be available once the product or feature is End of Life.
  • Once a product or feature is End of Life, it will cease to work and be unusable by existing and future customers.
  • Duo does not offer support for integrations running on operating system versions beyond the vendor’s stated Last Date of Support date, for example, Windows operating systems beyond Microsoft's Extended Support End date.
  • It may be necessary to use the latest version of the software to correct a problem.

Terms Used

Refer to the term definitions in the Cisco End-of-Life Policy.